Arrábida with access to restaurants

May 14, 2020

Circulation on the road connecting the beaches of Arrábida, until now only allowed to residents, workers and authorized vehicles, is also accessible to customers of restaurants and drinks establishments from the 18th.

The Setúbal City Council decided to maintain the ban on pedestrians and motor vehicles on the former EN 379-1, between Gávea and the crossing with EN 379 -1 (Pinheiro), and access to Albarquel Beach, now with more exceptions.

As of 00:00 on the 18th, access to restaurants and beverages is allowed in that area of ​​Arrábida, which may reopen under the deconfination plan decreed by the Government.

On the other hand, the ban on road and pedestrian circulation in the city’s riverside area, namely on the avenues Jaime Rebelo and José Mourinho, in the section between Rotunda das Sardinhas and Parque Urbano da Albarquel, remains.

All access routes to that section also remain closed, namely the streets Eng. Ferreira da Cunha and Teotónio Banha – access to ferries is maintained, also to streets Cláudio Lagrange, Ocidental do Mercado, Trabalhadores do Mar, Praia da Saúde e do Gaz.

Both in Arrábida and on the riverside, residents, workers in the area and duly authorized vehicles are exempt from the prohibition on movement. In the case of Arrábida, now with the authorization of circulation to customers of restaurants and cafes.

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