Restaurants, cafes, pastries and terraces from the 18th, can reopen their doors

May 16, 2020
mineiro setubal

Restaurants, cafes, pastries and terraces are some of the commercial spaces that, from the 18th, can reopen their doors to the public, with special operating rules designed to contain the Covid-19 transmission.

In order to reduce the risk of transmission from Covid-19, the DGS has defined an orientation guide, with a set of measures and procedures to be adopted by the food and beverage establishments and by the customers after the reopening scheduled for the 18th, and at this stage the bars remain closed.

The reduction of the maximum capacity of the establishments, including interior spaces, balconies and terraces, in order to ensure the recommended physical distance of two meters between people in the facilities is one of the main measures announced.

Whenever possible, chairs and tables should be arranged to ensure a distance of at least two meters between people, with cohabitants being able to sit face to face or side by side, without having to observe the distance rule.

It is also recommended by establishments to promote and encourage prior booking for seat reservations.

Standing spaces, due to the difficulty in guaranteeing a safe distance between people, are discouraged, as are self-service operations, such as buffets and food dispensers that involve contact by customers.

The provision of alcohol-based solution dispensers, preferably installed in the entrance areas of establishments, is another requirement, as well as the reinforcement of cleaning and sanitation protocols in all areas of frequent contact.

Among the various measures and procedures to be adopted by the food and beverage establishments are also the removal of decorative motifs on the tables and the replacement of individual menus with others that do not need to be handled directly by customers.

The establishments must also ensure that everyone, employees and customers, are aware of compliance with the rules, the correct washing of hands, the respiratory label, as well as other personal and environmental hygiene measures.

It should also be noted the importance of preparing and / or updating the contingency plans for Covid-19.

The special rules defined by the DGS also cover customers, who must also adopt an active and self-protective stance in order to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 when using these spaces.

Thus, customers should wash their hands with alcohol-based solution or with soap and water at the entrance and exit of the establishments and, in particular, before meals, as well as respect the minimum safety distance of two meters and comply with the respiratory label.

Users should also consider the use of a mask in the take-away services that are installed inside the establishments, always using it appropriately in accordance with the recommendations of the DGS.

Customers should also give preference to payment through means that do not involve physical contact between the employee and the customer.

The guidance guide of the DGS to support the reopening of these spaces can be consulted in its entirety in this dossier on the page of the Setúbal City Council, exclusively dedicated to programs and measures to support companies.

This new phase of social misconduct decreed by the Government, which comes from the transition, on May 3, from the State of Emergency to the State of Calamity, also covers stores with an open door to the street up to 400 square meters.

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