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As a holiday destination, Portugal is one of the most diverse and natural European destinations. From the mountains and rivers in the north to the most fantastic paradisiac islands of Madeira and the Azores, from the golden miles of the beaches of the Algarve to the south to the architecture and history of its cities, Portugal has it all.

Business trip

Several multinational businesses have found that the cities of Lisbon and Porto offer the ideal base for their activities and is reflected in the standard of accommodation and service that the business traveler is waiting for. Excellent 4 and 5 star hotels of palatial proportions and quality (very literal in some cases) that rival the best European offers in excellent business facilities and group prices, in a very pleasant climate all year round.

Where can you stay in Setúbal ?

  • Hotel Premium Setubal – 3,3 (43) · hotel de 4 estrelas
  • Hotel Laitau – 3,6 (24) · hotel de 4 estrelas
  • Hotel Bocage – 3,8 (20) · hotel de 2 estrelas
  • Hotel Solaris – 4,2 (14) · hotel de 4 estrelas
  • Hotel do Sado Business & Nature – 4,1 (155) · hotel de 4 estrelas
  • Hotel Aranguês – 3,7 (26) · hotel de 3 estrelas

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