Investing in Portugal

The success of Portugal as an investment destination is based on the country’s positive approach towards international business.

Buying a property to rent in Portugal is a good financial investment. It is worth it as of right now because there is more demand for accommodation than what is currently available especially in Lisbon and Porto. Also, rental yields during peak tourism season make property rental in Portugal a viable investment. As an owner of property in Portugal you will have to pay property tax (Immovable Property Tax, IMI). Each individual municipal has its own rate, and is decided by the municipal assembly. … The Tax rates range from 0.3% to 0.45%.

The best region of Portugal for a real estate investment is Lisbon, without a doubt. … This is good for investors (who can buy a house and rent them), and bad for those who wish to live in Lisbon paying a rental. The properties in Lisbon have been increasing their prices by 25% per year in the last years.

Portugal grants a 5-year residency permit to non-EU citizens who buy a minimum of €500,000 worth of property, allowing holders to work or study, and travel to Schengen countries. They can apply for permanent residency after five years.

There are no restrictions to buying a home in Portugal as a foreigner, and the real estate sector is well developed. Many foreigners have settled in Portugal – or invested in a second home here – already.

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