Planing to live in Setúbal

Setubal is the home to one of the country’s largest ports, it’s close to Lisbon (only 40 min by car), has a number of golf courses and other sports facilities as well as good shopping areas, and as a result this is one of the busiest areas in the country.

The summer temperatures can easily reach 30°C and winter temperatures can drop to around 7°C. Rainfall is almost non-existent in summer, but high in winter as the weather is affected by the Atlantic Ocean.

The location of the district in the southern part of the country means that it has large numbers of visitors each year. Properties close to the area of the port are reasonably priced but there is a demand from those who work in the area. There are several apartment complexes close to the beaches and these are marketed at expats and those who are looking for a holiday home. Prices in this section of the city are higher than in other areas, but this is due to the high demand and is still much lower than in other districts further south. The area is popular with those who are retiring due to the good leisure facilities available, with water sports in particular attracting participants.

You want to come in family here ? Schools and other amenities are plentiful in Setubal. There are good shopping areas and there are plenty of bars and restaurants, particularly in the beach area.